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  • Ads before and after episodes ...

    By holgaard62
    ... are completely unacceptable when entire season has been purchased.
  • Bobs burgers

    By linda belcher kinda
    Can’t say but one of the best tv shows yet
  • Great show

    By crazydude2344t6
    Amazing show is hilarious and could watch for hours.
  • Great as Always!!

    By Ramon12345678
    Great season so far!!! Honestly a lot of people are rating the show low because of the $39.99 price point. I really dislike when people rate a show lower because of how late they can see it or the price. Smh!!! Rate on how good the season is!!! 5 star season all the way!!!!!
  • No Way Worth 40.00

    By alittlebrittle
    Particularly considering this season will eventually end up on Prime or Netflix. Not sure it’s Apple’s pricing as much as the licensee’s, aka Fox, so direct your anger there. I paid 30.00 each for prior seasons, and didn’t really consider the later seasons worthy of that price. Many episodes felt repetitive and more like filler between the holiday-themed ones. Bob’s Burgers gets a lot of love, but I’ve been meh about it for awhile now.
  • $40

    By Bassie5
    What the hell? Why $40 for the season? Is this what to expect now... thanks to the “new” Apple TV+? Why can you not make improvements to your services because you want to be the best, because you want to keep your loyal customers, & because it’s the right thing to do? Why must every new feature involve price gouging people? Your greed has become part of your reputation & that is just sad.
  • $40?

    By muntz