• Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2016-01-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 4
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 9.99
From 25 Ratings


Get a look into the mind of the man who pulled off one of the greatest cons in history. "Madoff" follows the rise and demise of the former investment advisor and the subsequent fallout with his family, associates and investors. Madoff's Ponzi scheme is considered to be the largest financial scam in United States history, but the impact was global. The miniseries explores the complicated family dynamics within the Madoff clan and exposes the motivations and mechanics behind the monumental fraud.


Title Time Price
1 Millions to Billions 42:26 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Catch Me if You Cancer 41:23 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Redemptions 43:17 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
4 Fallout 43:41 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes


  • Vapid and Unoriginal

    By groove labs
    Poor writing, poor acting. Honestly, just lame.
  • Shame on ABC and everyone involved

    By DrAdamPeppper
    There is nothing worse off than giving someone like Madoff more fame and more credit for his crime by doing a tv show on him in his lifetime. He ruined how many people, and how many people committed suicide in reaction to his actions? He is still treated like a white collar criminal and he still gets extra taxpayer money on his incarceration to get protection from the people he robbed and anyone who would feel morally obligated to make prison a little worse for him. But no, his name carries more attention with this trash, and as far as we know, he is getting as many comforts as he wants on the promise that he'll reveal some of his holdings within his lifetime, when we all know it is just being protected somewhere out of the united states, where is can return to his family at some point, one way or another. If you want to enjoy something that is like Madoff but without putting your own money into something with Maddoff's name on it. Watch "Damages," seasone 3, I think, not 100% on the season. But one entire season of that show lays everything out just like if it were Madoff's life, wealth, and family and as if it were showing the legal dealings with such a person. Enjoy that instead of giving more towards his name and the infamy he possesses, or to his pocketbook. And yeah his wife knows, and probably gets a kick back from ABC. The biggest punishment this guy can take is erasing his fame, his power, his popularity, ties to his family and/or friends, and his money. He doesn't deserve a legacy.
  • Don't listen to the low star reviews

    By Blacknosugar
    This is awesome.
  • Wednesdays with Bernie

    By Arkdog
    For those who wish to spend some quiet moments with Bernie reflecting on his childhood, his love of family, his crusty sense of humor. Truly amazing BS. ABC turns the banality of evil into lifestyle porn.

    By Nisi59
    The wife knew, and now she gets to live off of 2.5 million, while most of the people were drained of all their savings.
  • Common Mans Review

    By i_love_norway
    This was not too bad. I wish the other characters on the controlling floor were well developed instead of only Madoff's family which was lackluster for me. Yes it had great cliff hangers. It would have been more interesting if it was more than four episodes. It seemed rushed. I was just getting into it and then the series ended. Dreyfus was believable but something was amiss and I can't put it into words. It was as if he wasn't enjoying playing his character. Also i didn't like that he left the table of his convicted poker buddies and spoke to the camera at the end. Something about that i didn't like. A common mans review. Interesting & informative none the less.
  • Good movie but too pricey

    By HaroldnCA
    I enjoyed the film but a made for TV movie isn't worth ten bucks. Maybe five but not ten.
  • Thank you

    By Bob carlson
    Taught me a lot. How it went down.