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  • Bad Soundtrack Mix

    By ikelleigh
    The background soundtrack mix for "English (US)" is mono. All other parts of the mix are in stereo except for the background music which is one of the best parts of the movie. English (US) AD, French and Spanish all have the correct stereo mix. Visuals of the movie seem fine but it's hard to watch when the background music sounds like it's coming from one speaker. Please fix it.
  • Your spelling and grammar tells why you gave it two stars.

    By Scorp10nX
    The acting, the pacing, the sound track... My god the movie is nearly perfect, and Olyvia Wylde never looked so good. Sorry there was no fight for the skybeam at the end for those calling for more action.
  • I 💙TroN

    By Petite etiole
    Good story line & action. The graphics are awesome. On with the user’s.
  • Great movie but

    By DyreLogan
    The audio is horrible and the HD leaves much to be desired. I’m watching on a Apple TV 4K on a Samsung 4K TV and the quality looks SD and the sound matches SD content. I don’t know what Disney was thinking, but this movie deserves much better treatment as it was a wonderful addition to the Tron universe. Ten years later and I’ve heard only rumors that Disney will bring this back out in 4K and fix all the Clu/Flynn horrible CGI. I’d just settle for 4K love and audio that doesn’t sound mono (doesn’t even sound stereo and I’m listening on Apple AirPods Pro). My recommendation is simple. Wait until Disney actually gets off their backsides and gives this movie, along with Tron 1982, some 4K love and fixes the horrendous audio. They updated Star Wars to 4K (yet still haven’t given us the ORIGINAL movies without the horrible CGI additions that Lucas gave us) and the Marvel movies and pretty much all their cartoon movies, but Tron is still on the back burner for some reason. Come on, Disney, get with the program and listen to your Tron fans. This is ridiculous!
  • 💙💙💙

    By amandax345
    This movie is so good! From the score to the cast everything is so high edge and amazing!!!! A must see way better than the original which is hard to come by these days!
  • Amazing

    By MrJ2423
    51 rotten tomatoes, what A JOKE!!! Never did and still don’t use any review critic for a movie especially not rotten tomato. Unless they’re my own eyes I don’t believe it. This movie is stunningly cool, great looking and fun. Great story, cool action, a definite should own it won’t disappoint, great soundtrack as well.
  • Omg sooooo gooood 😍😍😍

    By fhvffffdf😑
    I love it so much I’m going to watch this movie forever
  • Great movie. Don’t trust rotten tomatoes.

    By aeranes
    I don’t get the rotten tomatoes with this movie. Very cool and very well made. Eagerly awaiting the next one.
  • Pretty Enjoyable, If You Don’t Mind The Script

    By ilistentomusic(obviously)
    Packed with gorgeous visual effects and improved action sequences that will remind all of the original, Tron: Legacy is a solid popcorn film that should prove to be a satisfying followup—although the script proves to be very uneven here and there. 7.5/10
  • Best movie ever

    By SilentRooster_75
    One of my favorite movies